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Dealers are Friends

When you think about it, dealers in gambling houses work the same way as waiters in food establishments. They did not invent the game, as the waiters did not cook the food you will eat. But the dealers and the waiters will be the ones handing the service or product to you.

This is why you need to be nice to dealers. You do not want to mess with people who handle your food, so you do not get into a fight with waiters as much as possible. Now, the gambling money is the gamblers' food. The future of your gambling money is somehow in the hands of the dealers at gambling houses. You do not want to mess with them, if there's anything, you would even like to get on their good side.

Some gambling players dislike dealers naturally, especially if they were playing against the house. They think that the dealer is out to get their money. It may appear to be that way, but think about it again.

The dealer may represent the gambling house in playing games with you such as blackjack. However, do not forget that the dealer is not wagering his own money, nor will he get the winnings if you lose against them. The money will just pass through their hands, they will not be able to take them home.

What gambling players fail to realize is that dealers actually want them to win. It may sound absurd, but listen. If you win against the dealer, you will have more money. If you have more money, you will then be able to give a bigger tip to the dealer. Makes perfect sense, does not it?

Remember that dealers get more money from tips than their usual pay. This is the reason why dealers act so friendly towards gambling players - the tips are their bread and butter.

This is why it is so funny when in movies, dealers seem to be gambling players' enemies. Consequently, gambling players have this hate that they feel towards the dealers.

However, in some gambling houses, it would not matter much to the dealer if you give him a big tip or no. This is because in some gambling houses, all the tips of the whole staff are put together then is to be divided equally among them.

So the next time you go to a gambling house, try to see the dealer from a different light. You will like what you will see.