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all about the free online roulette games. learn the tactics and strategies for playing in the best roulette casinos.
The prices moves between 500 dollars through 2000 dollars for a course, depends which one. Extensive craps course will cost more and basic blackjack course will be cheaper.

Most schools create an atmosphere similar to what you would find in a real casino, using authentic tables, chips, and other professional equipment commonly used in the gaming industry. When you graduate you should have enough knowledge and experience to work as a dealer in a real casino.

If you read all this and you don't have the time or the money to go and learn in gambling school there is another ways to become a dealer. Casinos do not necessarily require that you attend a private dealer school. If you will go to a job interview in a casino the manager will be satisfied if you will show professional skills and hire you even if you don't own a diploma.

So if you play on your free time and feel like you have the skills of a dealer and want to show it to the world come and apply to a job interview in any casino that you like.